Ginger (shooga)



***** Location: Hawaii, Japan, India
***** Season: Autumn
***** Category: Plant


Ginger (English)
Ingwer (German)
Srngaveram (Sanskrit)
Adrak (Hindi, Urdu)
Sont (Hindi, dried ground ginger)

Botanical name: Zingiber officinale
Family: Zingiberaceae, the ginger family
The closely related Zingiber montanum and Zingiber zerumbet are also cultivated in India. Like ginger, they are used as a spice.
Botanical names are often derived from their ancient names. The word Zingiber is a good example. It is thought to come from the Sanskrit word singabera which was from Arabic and Greek words meaning 'shaped like a horn'. It probably got its name because the rhizomes look like deer's antlers.
The plant
Ginger plants can grow to about 1 m tall. The upright shoots sprout from the rhizome at the base of the plant.
Rhizomes - knobbly and fleshy, covered in ring-like scars. This is the important part for food and medicine. Although the rhizomes grow underground, they are swollen stems, not roots. This is why fresh ginger is often referred to as 'stem ginger'.
Flowers - the flowering spikes sprout directly from the rhizomes and are about 30 cm long. The flowers are purple with a cream-blotched base.
Fruits - red in colour. Each has three chambers containing several small black seeds. Ginger plants that are cultivated in commercial plantations don't usually bear fruit.
quote Kew Gardens, England


The Garlic and Ginger Festival of Hawaii
The Garlic Festival of Hawaii, having improved its breath by expanding its breadth to become the Garlic and Ginger Festival of Hawaii, will fill the air with its savory aromas, or whatever, in two weeks.
The affair has grown rapidly since its onset in 2000 to become one of the best-attended food and beverage events in Honolulu.
Celebrated in June.
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Worldwide use


ginger, shooga, 生姜、しょうが
..... jinjaa ジンジャー kigo for all autumn
leaves of ginger, ha shooga 葉生姜

ginger pickled in sweetened vinegar, hajikami 薑 はじかみ
pickled ginger shoots or sticks
a delicacy served with fried and grilled fish or curry rice

There is even a festival for this pickled ginger, hajigami matsuri or shooga matsuri, but this word is not a kigo. The festival is for the deity of spices at the Hajikami shrine, 波自加彌神社 (はじかみじんじゃ).

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Ginger Root Festival (Shooga Matsuri) at Ninomiya Shrine 二宮神社 in Akiruno あきる野市, about 90 minutes by train from Tokyo Station. The event, annually held in September on the day of the shrine's autumn festival, features open-air stalls selling fresh ginger roots with leaves to worshippers, believing that it will protect from colds. shoga matsuri
Ginger Festival "Long Lasting Festival"(Dara-Dara Matsuri) Shiba Daijingu Shrine 芝大神宮 in Minato Ward, Tokyo It features open-air stalls selling fresh ginger roots from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the festival period in September. Click HERE to look at photos !
. chigibako 千木筥 / 千木箱 auspicious box .
Sold at the Festival!

. shooga ichi 生姜市(しょうがいち) ginger market  
at the Shiba shrine, Tokyo
Ginger Root Festival

. Shiba-myōjin Shrine Shōga-ichi 芝明神せうが市 Ginger Market .

Ginger Market at the Festival of Shiba-Shinmei Shrine
Utagawa Hiroshige

Shiba Shinmei matsuri 芝神明祭 (しばしんめいまつり)
Shiba Shinmei shrine festival
from September 11 to 21
observance kigo for mid-autumn

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dried ginger roots, hine shooga 古生姜ひねしょうが 
haiku topic
This is a preparation of ginger we can use all year round, adding it to drinks or stews. Grated ginger is also prepared from these dried roots.


kigo for late summer

shinshooga, shin shooga 新生姜 (しんしょうが) new ginger

Things found on the way


blue ginger
summer's end

Shanna Moore, Hawaii, 2006

More Ginger Haiga from Shanna
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Related words

***** Ginger bread
kigo for winter

***** Hot ginger water, shoogayu 生姜湯
kigo for winter
World Kigo Database: Mulled wine (gloegg)

***** Ginger ale
non-seasonal haiku topic

..... INDIA SAIJIKI : Tumeric (ukon)
looks like a bigger version of ginger.


kigo for early autumn

jinjaa no hana ジンジャーの花 (じんじゃーのはな)
ginger lily

...... hana shukusha 花縮砂(はなしゅくしゃ)
gaarando riri ガーランドリリー garland lily
Hedychium coronarium

Varieties with white or slightly orange blossoms
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