Nine Eleven 2001


Nine Eleven, September 11, 2001

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The September 11 Web Archive preserves the web expressions of individuals, groups, the press and institutions in the United States and from around the world in the aftermath of the attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.


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This collection of screen shots from over 250 news sites around the world was taken on Sep 11 and 12, 2001. We hope the archive will serve the education of the online news industry and further its quality. Our logs tell us that it also has helped historians, researchers, students, teachers, journalists and many others.


September 11, 2006, five years later

For the anniversary of 9/11, we offer for your meditation three works by the artist Frederick Franck.

Recently, Frederick's wife Claske shared the story of his 9/11 painting. Not long after that sad day, Frederick traveled from his home in Warwick, New York, to the the Hudson River, along whose banks the Twin Towers once stood. In a peaceful place up-river from New York City, the artist noticed some children playing. That moment became an ink painting. It hangs in the Franck's home next to a later painting made on the solstice in 2003.

In front of the paintings is Franck's sculpture "Pieta for Darfur and Iraq." In his book The Icon Reborn, the sculptor describes its genesis:

"It must be at least thirty or forty years ago that in a French book on medieval art I saw a double-spread reproduction of the 'Pieta of Avignon,' attributed to Enguerran Charonton around 1450. Years later, remembering this masterpiece, I decided to see the original and drove from Paris to Avignon, a trip of some 360 miles. Arriving in Avignon I tried to find the 'Pieta' in the cathedral and various churches in vain, until I approached a distinguished looking older man who smiled politely and told me that the 'Pieta of Avignon" had for many years been in the Louvre! I did not turn around to drive back to Paris, but never forgot the impact of this irresistible work of art.

"I am no longer very mobile and glancing in the paper yesterday at the horrors of the tsunami, of decapitations and car bombs in Iraq, I noticed my wheelchair standing in front of me. It transformed itself at once into the 'Pieta.'

Read the full story here.
By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Worldwide use

Things found on the way


A Renega written by Gillena Cox (Trinidad and Tobago) and Quentin Clingerman (USA)

The World Haiku Wall of Carol Raisfeld

we pray for peace
again ...
is anyone listening?



too warm in the sun
too cool in the shade

Dietmar Tauchner, Germany

nine eleven
three years after
misty river

Gerd Boerner, Germany


clerk in the wine shop
checks the date
9 1 1

Johnye Strickland, USA


an autumn morning
ever present


autumn sky
reflecting candlelight
a circle of prayers



the hush
a global sound heard

the dam bursts
a flood of tears to soothe
the aching heart

2001 gillena


September 11, 2001

And once
we were children
who could sail forever,
and time would never catch us... then,
this day.

day of sorrow
awash in mourning prayers
instilled my soul with boundless grief

Carol Raisfeld

... ... ...

For a friend lost

a wail of bagpipes
the cadence of drums -
new york 2001

prayers for him -
in the first pew
his unborn son

flecks of dust
rise in columns of light --
requiem mass

graveside -
she hugs his fireman's hat
and their baby boy

memorial service
one painful chime
after another

seasons stilled -
no thoughts of tomorrow
in grief for his soul

Carol Raisfeld


© Haiga and Haiku by Geert Verbeke, Belgium, 2006


- Shared by Joys of Japan, September 2012 -

Lady Liberty
the morning she
won't forget

Jimmy ThePeach

tower of flames
a husband and wife hold hands
as they plunge

John Wisdom, USA

Nine-Eleven sunrise---
a bald eagle

East River serene waters---
seagulls congregate

Fred Masarani, New York

to the two towers
and beyond ...

Hideo Suzuki

city twins
on the hot line ...
date recall

Angelo Ancheta, Philippines

swaying leaves...
in the billowing clouds
a plane roars

Bos Tsip, Philippines

the day a plane
crashed into a building -
fresh flowers

Bee Jay, Australia

heart of survival -
a candle flame burns bright
September eleventh

Gillena Cox, Trinidad and Tobago

11. september
gedanken gehen zurück
ins fassungslose


september 11th
thoughts float back

Gabriele Brunsch, Germany

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