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Water Tanks (As-Saharieg)

***** Location: Yemen
***** Season: Summer
***** Category: Humanity


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Drinking Water in Yemen

The health of a population is closely related to their access to safe drinking water. The dire shortage of fresh water sources in Yemen and the lack of proper sewage systems contribute to the emergence and spread of contagious diseases. Yet the connection between water sources and water-borne diseases is not currently monitored. Less than half of the population has access to safe water and sanitation. Only half of Yemen’s water sources are considered to be safe, according to the World Health Organization. Others either need treatment or should be completely avoided.

Water tanks that carry what is supposed to be clean water to houses are dirty and not fit for carrying drinking water. This puts families in a bad situation, in which they are forced either to drink the contaminated water that comes in the tanks or buy specific water for drinking, which cost too much for most Yemenis.

“It’s difficult to live in a circumstance where you feel you are pressured to buy clean water and expensive prices or risk having your family suffer from the sicknesses that erupt from drinking tap water,” said Ibtisam Ali al-Hammadi, a mother of four who found out that her continuous kidney problems were mainly due to the bad water she has been drinking her entire life.

Yemen is far behind other countries in the region when it comes to providing water resources to its citizens. However, Yemeni people also use less water than people in any other Arab country, according to rankings by the World Health Organization. Yemen has one of the lowest water usage rates in the world. Each person uses an average of 200 cubic meters of water per person annually, compared to the 5,000 cubic meters per person used by people in the US, the country with the highest water usage rate.
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Things found on the way


clouds about noon
passing by - passing by
ants down the tank

As-Saharieg -
so empty tanks
this summer too

puffy summer clouds
over empty tanks -
let it go! let it go!

one thing in common
the summer sky and I -
empty water tanks

breaking out in a sweat
the entire city -
the tanks still empty

Heike Gewi, Yemen, January 2008

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