Sambosa, samosa and Spring Roll

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Sambosa, samosa

***** Location: Yemen, Kenya
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Sambosa leaves needed to be prepared for the first meal after sunset in Ramadan - comparable with the chinese spring roll [egg roll]; an asian pastry filled with vegetables or meat deep fried.

Hours before "breakfast" everybody is trying to catch the "special offers" (discount)in the one and only shopping centre Aden Mall [the most famous shopping place in Aden].

Read in each basket
"Sambosa leaves" ...
Aden Mall

Heike Gewi, Yemen

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CLICK for more photos A samosa, a stuffed pastry, is a common snack in South Asia, in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. It generally consists of a fried triangular- or tetrahedron-shaped pastry shell with a savory filling of spiced potatoes, onion, peas, coriander, and sometimes fresh paneer. In a variety called chamul they are also very popular in Portugal.

The word samosa can be traced to the Persian 'sanbosag'. The name in other countries also derives from this root, such as the crescent-shaped sanbusak or sanbusaj in Arab countries, sambosa in Afghanistan, samsa in Turkish-speaking nations, sambusa in parts of Iran and chamul in Goa and Portugal.
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Worldwide use


Kenyan samosas!

The folding of the dough is not quite the same though... otherwise, the looks are exactly the same -- and indeed in Kenya too they are either meat or vegetable in variety.

The Indian samosas sometimes come with a thick pastry, which is not my favourite -- but the thin, crispy pastry of the Kenyan samosa, together with its well spiced filling, and a drop of lime juice to round it off, is one of my top favourite foods!

In Kenya, I do not believe that it is at all seasonal -- we love it and enjoy it at any time of the year. Interestingly, the Kenyan samosa is something you buy, a snack for lunch or at a roadside cafe -- I do not think that I have ever eaten a home made samosa...

Isabelle Prondzynski , September 2008

Things found on the way

spring roll 春巻き harumaki

Spring rolls are a large variety of filled, rolled appetizers. The name is a literal translation of the Chinese chūn juǎn (春卷 'spring roll') found in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. The kind of wrapper, fillings, and cooking technique used, as well as the name, vary considerably within this large area.
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spring roll...
mongo sprouts grow longer
in time for lunch

Here in Manila, we saute mung bean sprouts in ground pork, together with other strips of veggies like carrots, kinchay leaves, turnips and sweet potatoes. Then, these are rolled in thin rice "lumpia" wrapper and deep fried. The dip consists of cane or coco vinegar with ground black pepper, minced garlic, onion and a pinch of salt to taste.

- Shared by Bos Tsip, Manila -
Joys of Japan, 2012

. Chinese food in Japan (chuuka ryoori 中華料理) .

mongo sprouts, mung bean sprouts
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Are nice and tasty,
Pies are just pasty!

DAILY HAIKU #30: Francis Rodrigues Goa, India

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