Yellowfin tuna Thamad

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Yellowfin tuna, Thamad

***** Location: Yemen
***** Season: Autumn
***** Category: Animal



1. the Kawakawa

Kawakawa is found along the coast of Yemen, where it is known as shirwa. It is caught during the whole year, mainly to the west of Aden and in the Mukalla area. It is one of the more profitable and productive fish in the traditional artisanal fishery. The total annual catch by the cooperative sector in 1988 exceeded 1,000 t, and represented 37.2% of the total catch of species in this group. The mean length of the catch was about 62 cm, and the maximum length observed was 90 cm.
It is clear from the statistics for the various years that the catch is highest in the period from March to June, which is the best fishing season.
kigo for spring

2. the Thamad
Yellowfin tuna

This species, which is widely distributed throughout the Indian Ocean, is found along the south coast of Yemen, especially the east part of the Gulf of Aden. Like skipjack tuna, it is an oceanic and migratory species, and appears seasonally, coming to the Gulf of Aden to feed before its breeding season starts. The fishing season for yellowfin is from October to December around Soctra and in the other coastal fishing grounds, with a peak in October. It is normally found at depths near the thermocline, and in the traditional artisanal fishery it is caught mainly with troll lines, small-purse seines, and longlines.

Yellowfin is a valuable and profitable fish in the local markets, where it is known as Thamad. The annual catch by cooperative sector exceeds 700 t, representing about 36.1% of the catch.

Examination of gonad maturation stage of 240 specimens of yellowfin tuna showed
• All sizes larger than 110 cm are sexually mature.
• In April they are in post-maturation stage, and are expected to breed in

The stock of pelagic fish in Yemen is characterized by fluctuation of the biomass, which is highest in autumn and lower in winter/spring.
Catch composition varies with variation of the season.
Kawakawa and S. commerson are two of the predominant inhabitants on the coast of Yemen and are fished all year, while yellowfin and skipjack tuna are oceanic migrants and are fished seasonally.
The eastern part of the Gulf of Aden from Shuqra to the border of Oman and the area from Ras-Fartak to Socotra Island are the best fishing grounds for tuna-like fishes.
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. Thunafish, tuna (maguro)  
Yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares

Things found on the way


yo, Thamad!
do you have to be so cheap?
blinking seller


the fisherman leaves
his boat loaded with Thamad -
a wave hits him back

Heike Gewi, Yemen


fishmarket, shouting
Kawakawa loses
its head

next in my pan
half price

Heike Gewi, Yemen

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