Al Khallool flute

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Al Khallool flute

***** Location: Yemen
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The metre-long khallool
may look like a cudgel or a walking stick, but actually it's a flute. It is played in the Tihama area and has probably changed little during the last 500 years. There are just two holes - at the far end of the instrument.

Unfortunately, no one knows where the instrument originated. This instrument was used by the farmers and the Tihama people in their festivals, celebrations and entertainments. It was quite puzzling to hear that this instrument has been in use even long before the Turkish conquest. In fact, the owner claims with surprising confidence that the flute in his hand is of the same type used by the Prophet David around 3000 years ago. There is no way to verify such claims.

This instrument was used in nightly entertainment which often lasted until the next morning. The exciting thing about this instrument is that it produces excellent music, with a sad thick sound that can not be separated from the poetry. Once I listened to its music, it gave me a feeling of the past, the memories, the old history, and the simplicity of the life of the Tihamian people. While playing with its tones, the Tihami person using it had been trying to get a sound like "Da'ood' which is the name of Prophet David in Arabic.
It was quite true, it did speak the word "Dawood' in a sad and magical manner.

The sound of Al-Khallool will definitely stay in my mind forever, reminding me of the sounds of the past.
source - www.sabanews.net

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Bab Al-Yemen
listening to Al-Khallol
one caravan long

Heike Gewi, Yemen

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