Cherry blossoms

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Cherry blossoms

***** Location: Mongolia
***** Season: Spring
***** Category: Plant


In 1845 famous Mongolian poet Lama of Gobi desert Danzanravjaa met Morita san in Beijing. Morita san studied Mongolian art in Khamar monastery for 3 years. He planted a nice tree near Khamar monastery and it is “бүйлс” in Mongolian was Japanese sakura.
Researchers consider that from this time the Haiku is being developed in Mongolia.
source : utgazohiol.miniih.com


Danzan Ravjaa
The Heritage of the "Terrible Noble Saint of the Gobi"

Khamar Monastery
Khamar Monastery was established in the 1820's by famous 19th century Mongolian educator and literary figure Danzanravjaa. The Monastery was an important centre of the Buddhist "red sect", and seat of the Gobiin Dogshin Noyon Khutagt ("Terrible Noble Saint of the Gobi").

The "Namtar duulakh datsan" (story-singing college), established at Khamar Monastery in the 1830s, is recognized as being Mongolia's first professional theatre. The nearby "Khuukhdiin datsan" (children's college) offered basic and vocation, artistic training for local children, who often went on to become singers and dancers, painters, sculptors, and other artists at the Monastery or in its theatre company, In addition Khamar Monastery included a public library, museum, poetry recital hall, and other facilities, making it an important regional cultural centre, in the words of renowned Mongolian scholar Ts.Damdinsuren:

"Khamar Monastery was a perfectly harmonious location, having a river
whit many fine trees along its south part and rocky mountains with dozens of caves along its north; and the place was filled with the noise of hundreds of people playing the famous Saran Khokhoo drama...'

The local public was involved in many religious activities held at the Monastery, including the Tsam dance festival and the Amaagiin Gandoi Ergekh ceremony. Under Danzanravjaa's influence women were especially encouraged to participate in these events; Khamar Monastery was unique in 19th century Mongolia as a place where women were accorded greater respect and privileges than men.
source : danzanravjaa.org

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a smiling beauty
in a white dress -
cherry blossoms

Biligsaikhan Sereenen (Mongolia)

- Shared by Zaya Nergui -
Joys of Japan, 2012

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