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Mongolian Calendar

source : Olli Salmi

Years in the Mongolian calendar are designated by two terms, an element or colour (usually not both) and an animal. It is very easy to find these for a given Gregorian year.

1. To get the number of the element or colour subtract 3 from the year (AD) and take the last digit and find the element in the table. Odd numbers are male and even numbers female. Mongolian has a different form for the colour of female animals.
2. Next divide the same number by 12. The remainder is the number of the animal. (0=12=pig). This is easy to calculate mentally but you can deduce the remainder from the decimal part on your calculator. Add 1 to the first decimal up to .50, add 2 if its more, from .58 upwards.

Let's check the year 1192. Subtract 3 and you get 1189. The last digit is 9, so the year is black/water, male. When you divide 1189 by 12 you get 29 and a remainder of 1. So it's the year of the Black Mouse or Water Mouse.

by 12 you get 29 and a remainder of 1. So it's the year of the Black Mouse or Water Mouse.

Махбод Element Өнгө Colour

Жил Year
1 木 модон wood хөх blue
1 子鼠 хулгана mouse
2 хөхөгчин
2 丑牛 үхэр cattle
3 火 гал fire улаан red
3 寅虎 бар tiger
4 улаагчин
4 卯兔 туулай hare
5 土 шороо earth шар yellow
5 辰龙 луу dragon
6 шарагчин
6 巳蛇 могой snake
7 金 төмөр iron цагаан white
7 午马 морин horse
8 цагаагчин
8 未羊 хонин sheep
9 水 усан water хар black
9 申猴 бичин monkey
10 харагчин
10 酉鸡 тахиа fowl

11 戌狗 нохой dog

12 亥猪 гахай pig

The historical 60-year Mongolian-Tibetan cycle (жар) starts with the year of the Red Hare in 1027. To find the cycle subtract 1026 and divide by 60. The quotient indicates how many full cycles have elapsed. The next integer is the current cycle. Add 1 to the remainder to get the number of the year in the cycle.

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