Mallomars cookies

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Mallomars chocolate cookies

***** Location: New Jersey, USA
***** Season: Autumn
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Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats are produced in different variations around the world, with several countries claiming to have invented it or hailing it as their "national confection".
The first chocolate-coated marshmallow treat was created in the early 1800s in Denmark.

In the US,
Mallomars are produced seasonally at Nabisco. A graham cracker circle is covered with a puff of extruded marshmallow, then enrobed in dark chocolate, which forms a hard shell. Mallomars were introduced to the public in 1913, the same year as the Moon Pie (a confection which has similar ingredients). The first box of Mallomars was sold in West Hoboken, NJ (now Union City, NJ). Nabisco discusses it with a short story printed on Mallomar boxes.

Mallomars are generally available from early October through to April. They are not distributed during the summer months, supposedly because they melt easily in summer temperatures, though this is as much for marketing reasons as for practical ones. Devoted eaters of the cookie have been known to stock up during winter months and keep them refrigerated over the summer, although Nabisco markets other fudge-coated cookie brands year-round. Seventy percent of all Mallomars are sold in metropolitan New York. The issue of Nabisco's choice to release Mallomars seasonally became a parodied topic on a sketch delivered by graphic artist Pierre Bernard on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

According to the box, Mallomars are made in Canada by Kraft Foods. In Canada, these are known as "Dream Puffs."

Swiss MohrenkopfIn South Germany and in the German speaking Switzerland, they are commonly known as Mohrenköpfe (Moor's heads), it's one of the European countries that still uses the original term.
In the French speaking part of Switzerland they are known as Têtes Choco ("chocolate heads").
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Here in New Jersey, the chocolate marshmallow cookie "Mallomars" also signal the autumn season. As a more expensive cookie (due to the pure milk chocolate coating), they are are very popular and only put on sale during the autumn season in New Jersey.

another mallomar
deep autumn

in the mallowmar
the taste
of deep autumn

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