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June 11 is King Kamehameha Day in Hawai'i.

Kamehameha, also known as Kamehameha I and Kamehameha the Great (circa 1758 – 1819)

He unified the Hawaiian Islands in battle and formally established the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi in 1810. By developing friendships with the major Pacific colonial powers, Kamehameha preserved Hawaii's independence and guaranteed peace and prosperity for future generations. Kamehameha is most noted for his vehement defense of traditional Hawaiian values and the kapu system of law and religion. He is also remembered for mamalahoe or the Law of the Splintered Paddle, used today throughout the world protecting the human rights of non-combatants in times of battle.

In 1871, Kamehameha V decreed a holiday, Kamehameha Day, in Kamehameha I's honor. This holiday is still celebrated annually on June 11. In addition, a statue was erected in his honor at Aliʻiolani Hale, the center of Hawaiʻi's judicial system. Two identical statues also exist in Kohala and the United States Capitol.

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When Kamehameha received the first longhorn he stared long and hard at such an unlikely archipelagan beast and promptly hired a vaquero from Southern California to train his own paniolos, men whose spirit had not yet been broken by plantation colonialism or Mai Okuu, the choleric strains of which transfixed the oligarchy into a frenzy of limb-breaking and eye-gouging, encouraging Syngmann Rhee To later recollect such blasphemies and fornications to underscore his own bid on Korean politics.

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Hawaiian time
sun dial
in shadow
time for eat
and make music

Kamehameha said
four hours work
four hours play

never take more
from the tree
than you can eat

all the fruit
on the ground
fine to make wine (okolehau)

Shanna Moore, 2006


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