Rain Gutters Cleaning

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Cleaning the Rain Gutters

***** Location: North America
***** Season: Autumn
***** Category: Humanity


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Most North Americans clean their rain gutters (eavestroughs) in the late fall, after all the leaves have dropped, before the first snows. That’s when damages are discovered and repairs are made.

Actually, in the Southwest rain gutters probably are not a kigo for those native to the region. It’s an arid climate and people are less fastidious about drainage. In Los Angeles you can tell a homeowner is from the Midwest if they’re out cleaning their gutters in the fall.

Billie Dee


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Rain Gutters

Worldwide use


In any houses where I have lived in Belgium and Ireland, this is done when necessary (i.e. when the floods pour in) -- as it happens, I have just written to my landlord about it!

In Kenya, only houses with rainwater collection tanks have guttering. The house where I live, does not have any, so the rainwater pours straight off the roof -- while the mains pipes at present carry insufficient water to fill the tank...

Isabelle Prondzynski



toi 樋 gutter, eaves trough
... 〔縦樋〕 a water pipe

amadoi 雨樋 rain gutter

amadoi ni suzume kosotsuku yuuzakura 

in the rain gutter
sparrows are rustling -
cherry blossoms in the evening

Ameyama Minoru 飴山實
(1926 - 2000) haiku poet and natural scientist
source : utsuzume.html

Things found on the way

Manholes with Daruma san  


rusted out
rain gutter -
purely ornamental

Billie Dee, September 2006


Ah, memories of living in the Northeast!
On gutter-cleaning day there was always something I wanted to watch on television.

wet cold leaves
fall on my head--
"Hold the ladder!" he shouts

autumn leaves
our gutters clogged
with liquidambar

Linda Papanicolaou

Related words

***** Chimney Sweeping, chimney sweep, Schornsteinfeger
Kigo for Summer


In Belgium, chimney sweeping (done by professional chimney sweeps with their special equipment) is a seasonal activity for the summer.
Most tenants have a clause in their contracts obliging them to get chimneys swept once a year. How about North America?

Isabelle Prondzynski

Click HERE to see more chimney sweeps (Schornsteinfeger) from Germany.
They are also a symbol of good luck during the New Year celebrations in Germany.

***** .. .. .. .. Rain in various KIGO !

***** trench clearing, Guyana


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Gabi Greve said...

abandoned pipe
a rodent nest
lined with leaves

Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

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