Blackboy (Xanthorrhoeaceae plants)

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Blackboy seeds (Xanthorrhoeaceae plants)

***** Location: Australia
***** Season: Summer (hot season)
***** Category: Plant


Xanthorrhoea is a genus of flowering plants native to Australia and a member of family Xanthorrhoeaceae. The Xanthorrhoeaceae are monocots, part of order Asparagales. There are 28 species and five subspecies of Xanthorrhoea. All are perennials and have a secondary thickening meristem in the stem. Many, but not all, species develop an above ground stem. This is rough-surfaced, built from accumulated leaf-bases around the secondarily thickened trunk. The trunk is sometimes unbranched, some species will branch if the growing point is damaged and others naturally grow numerous branches.

Flowers are borne on a long spike above a bare section called a scape, the total length can be up to four metres long in some species. Flowering occurs in a distinct flowering period, which varies for each species. Flowering can be stimulated by bushfire, in which case it occurs in the next flowering period after the fire.
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Note: "blackboy" may be considered politically incorrect as the article in the Wikipedia site states, but, it is a regionally common term and not considered derogatory.

struggle in the scrub --
hard ground

"chibi" (pen-name for Dennis M. Holmes)
(HAIKU collaboration between Carol C Wahlheim, an Australian HAIKU no deshi, and myself).

blackboy or grasstree -- (seeds during summer or the hot season)

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