Feather feathers

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Feather, feathers

***** Location: Mongolia
***** Season: Topic
***** Category: Animal


Feathers are one of the epidermal growths that form the distinctive outer covering, or plumage, on birds and some non-avian theropod dinosaurs. They are considered the most complex integumentary structures found in vertebrates, and indeed a premier example of a complex evolutionary novelty.

They are among the characteristics that distinguish the extant Aves from other living groups. Feathers have also been noticed in those Theropoda which have been termed feathered dinosaurs. Although feathers cover most parts of the body of birds, they arise only from certain well-defined tracts on the skin. They aid in flight, thermal insulation, waterproofing and coloration that helps in communication and protection.
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Worldwide use


too much work ...
this feather hangs
in a spider web

. Gabi Greve, 2008 .


Feathers for donating money in Japan

shiroi hane 白い羽根 (しろいはね) white feather
kigo for early summer

akai hane 赤い羽根 (あかいはね) red feather
ai no hane 愛の羽根(あいのはね) feather of love
kigo for late autumn

. Donations and feathers .

Things found on the way


a feather
dancing in the grey sky
with a leaf

Haiku and photo by Ido

- Shared by Zaya Nergui -
Joys of Japan, September 2012

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