Pool cage

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Pool cage

***** Location: Florida, USA
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We have a structure around the pool, which has panels of screen material. We call it a pool cage. It keeps the mosquitoes out and also stops the leaves from going into the pool. Not everyone has one, but most homes do (if they have a pool).

Laura Sherman

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Florida Pool Cage Ideas
A pool cage is a screened-in area that covers a pool and adjacent patio. There are many areas in Florida where almost every house in the subdivision has a pool with a pool cage. They are not particularly attractive by themselves, but with some decorative additions, you can turn your pool cage into a true outdoor room for family recreation.

Pool cage areas have no actual visual boundaries, but are surrounded by screening that is almost invisible to the eye. Add a series of large lush potted tropical plants around the edge of your pool cage. This will give your eye somewhere to rest and subconsciously tell your mind that this is the edge of the room. Plants will create a more defined space in which to work, and will add color to a plain area.

Many pool cages confine a large patio area beside the pool. Decorate this area as if it were another room in your house. If you want to make it a dining room, place a serving table or small bar along with the table and chairs. For a cozy relaxing retreat, place four cushy chairs around a square coffee table, and add side tables with candles and potted plants.

Many people place chaise lounge chairs beside the pool in their cage. Make a different statement by installing a free-standing hammock in their place. Surround the hammock with potted palm trees, place a small side table next to the hammock for a frosty drink and a book, and you'll have the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon.
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Snowy Owl
Nyctea scandiaca, Bubo scandiacus

Sporadically they can be found as far south as central California as well as in Texas and Florida.
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. WKD : Owls and Kigo  
shirofukuroo しろふくろう "white owl"
snowy owl, Nyctea scandiaca


spring morning --
a snowy owl inside
our pool cage

The snowy owl can be found in Florida, according to research, but there aren’t many of them. It was the one and only time I saw one here. When the nets of the pool cage are broken, birds can come inside.

Laura Sherman, Florida, USA

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